Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nursery Name Wall Decor!

I'm a firm believer that every nursery needs at least one or two things with the child's name in/on them. And with our underwater theme, I figured what better way to do that then with an OAR!

So I went to Cabela's (definitely not my scene!) and purchased a small oar for $15, and then went to the craft store and purchased a package of small knobs to glue onto said oar after it was all painted to my liking. (re: once my husband painted and didn't miss a spot!)

Then I purchased unfinished wood letters from Hobby Lobby and painted those white as well, so they had a good base going.

It only took one coat of paint for the letters, but I believe we did 2 or 3 coats on the oar and the knobs just to make sure coverage was there!

After the paint dried on the letters, I traced them onto scrapbook paper, and cut them out. After that, I used Mod Podge to adhere them to the wooden letters like so.
Next was finding a way to get them to hang off the knobs! I figured ribbon was the simplest solution in this situation, so I used super glue to stick the ribbons to the back of each letter (be careful to make sure the ribbons are the same length or else the letters will not hang evenly)

Now that we got this far, I realized I had no idea how I was going to put the actual oar on the wall. If it doesn't require glue, scissors, glitter, or a paintbrush, this is where I recruit the help of my trusty husband, who came up with a solution I like to call "TEETH!"

Then a quick test shot to make sure the letters hang evenly....
Close enough for my liking! Then came time to hang the oar on the wall, and with that! Ian's nursery is now complete. 

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  1. I LOVE those letters! what a fun idea for a nursery! thank you so much for linking up at my Furniture and Paint Party I hope to see you again tonight!!