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Living life in the suburbs of Chicago!

Hi, I'm Vicki! I like long walks on the beach, romantic movies, and candlelit dinners.... OH WAIT. Wrong site ;) I'm a full-time working mother, and wife to a fellow silly, sarcastic man. I am punctual to a fault, and I'm almost always sleepy.

This is Scott, said silly, sarcastic man. We met playing softball, and we have been married since July 10, 2009, after a 2 year engagement. Together we have a beautiful daughter, as well as 2 beautiful furkids.

This is Piper Harlowe, our gorgeous daughter, born on January 15, 2012. (The day before her due date.) This picture is from when she was 4 months old, and to this day is STILL one of my favorites. She is quite a character and never ceases to make me laugh or smile.

This is Ian Seamus (at 18 weeks gestation).  His due date is September 8, 2013. So far he's a good kid, didn't give me too much morning sickness, and just spends his time kicking away in my tummy. We cannot wait to meet him.

This is Riley, our first fur-kid together. We adopted Riley in April of 2009 as a wedding gift to each other. We got him from animal control, and we are guessing him to be half yellow lab, half white shepherd. He hates when I put him in clothes. He's special.

Last but not least, here is Glitter. Glitter was my cat before Scott and I were together. She is almost 10 years old. My other cat, and her best pal Hendrix sadly passed away this year the same week her new sister, Piper, came home from the hospital. She is extremely vocal, and her favorite hobby is laying in any spot that makes you uncomfortable.

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