Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Okay, maybe not QUITE Christmas yet. I'm one to respect the turkey!

 But with my maternity leave drawing to a close the week of Thanksgiving, and the first of 2 Christmas parties that we are hosting at the house a mere 3 weeks away, it's definitely time to start thinking about decor. This is the first year I have a place that I am proud to host a party at! And I cannot wait to decorate my Christmas here at our home.

I'm a big advocate of wall art. Blank walls make me cringe. Things are meant to be put on walls. Wall decor at the store costs a fortune though! Using nothing but free for personal use fonts and free cliparts via google, I can change my wall decorations as often as I'd like, and not pay an arm and a leg.

I make printables for every holiday or occasion, and I frame them and hang them as I see fit. I've been playing around and coming up with different printables in different colors and styles.
One Of Last Years Printables!
And below are a couple from this year!

I'm offering up the All Is Calm All Is Bright printable as a free download for my readers!

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