Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hair Pretties? Yes Please!

I know I've done headbands posts before, and I skipped over Christmas. But I love the hair pretties! I got my supplies from Sunshine Shoppe Supply, where I usually get them! They have a great variety of bits and pieces, and more color combinations than I can find at the craft store.

Here's todays supplies!
Felt circles to glue the designs to, green velvety elastic, and white glitter elastic, a cute little flatback rhinestone button, tiny flatback pearls, GORGEOUS ribbon flowers (Im in love with these!), and a maribou puff!

The boring steps of course, are to measure your models head, so that you can make sure it's the right size. I cut a piece of yarn to my daughters head size so that I don't have to chase her and try to measure! From there, you just hot glue the ends together to form a loop.

Next step is to prep your main pieces. In my case, I put the rhinestone button in the middle of the red flower, and then put a tiny pearl in the center of the other flowers.

I took my maribou feather puff, and I hot glued it to one of my red felt circles. Then I glued the red flower in the center of all of that.

From there, I glued the entire felt circle, over the spot where the two elastic ends meet, to hide it (personal preference!)
And Valentine's Day headband is done!

Since I wanted to do three flowers on the green headband, I took two smaller white felt circles, and overlapped them a little to glue them together and make them wider. I glued the two white flowers first, so that the middle would kind of push itself into place.
And a less flashy St. Patricks day one. This mama takes St. Patricks day very seriously!
And what headband post would be complete without adorable models?

Someone was feeling fancy in the red, but just wanted to play with the green!

Super easy to make, not at all time consuming! 

Sunshine Shoppe Supply has everyone you could need to get started! 

*DISCLAIMER : Supplies for these two projects were provided to me by Sunshine Shoppe Supply in exchange for writing this post. All opinions noted are my own.

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