Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Change Of Scenery

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are moving! It's true. We're packing up the kids, cat, and dog and heading about 20 minutes away from where we are now. Is it a far move? No. But I think having our own space, and the ability to live our own lives, will making our lives much easier.

We started moving some boxes in this weekend, and will slowly continue to move more through the evenings this week, but this weekend, is officially it. MOVING DAY! I snagged some pictures of what we're working with when I was there the other day, because although it's not purchasing a home, like we were hoping to be doing about now, it's beautiful and will contain our family nicely.

View Of The Front Entrance

Loft area on the second level

Deck off the main level

Kitchen and Dining

Full Finished Basement

Deck and swing from the walkout basement

2nd Level Main Bathroom

Piper's Big Girl Room! (We freshly painted the walls)

Laundry Room Complete with Washer/Dryer from Craig's List

One half of the master bedroom

Master Bathroom

This is it! I didn't put up a photo of every room, but we also have a living area with fire place, half bath off the kitchen, walk in closet in the master bedroom. We are looking forward to making this space our own.

And having my own place to make beautiful will bring this blog back in action.

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