Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Step Closer to Crafting My Heart Out

Since we moved, most of the non-necessities have been living in boxes. This includes the bulk of my crafting items, which means that mama can't play! We decided to use a little nook in the basement as my "craft area". The rest of the basement is going to be set up as a playroom for the childrens. Naturally I needed a surface to work on if I were going to have a craft setup, so off to my favorite thrift store I went. And came home with this gem. Only $14.41! I liked the detailing on the bottom of the table, and figured it would be the perfect table to love, and use and abuse simultaneously.

So, I bought it, brought it home, and asked Scott if he could make it prettier. Of course he agreed, since I'm pregnant, and pregnant ladies shouldn't be playing around with paint fumes ;)

So the yucko, chipped, blue paint was covered with a couple coats of white.

Here it is, in it's new home in the "craft nook"

 After the bottom was taken care of, it was time to make the top look nicer without putting too much work into it. So I picked out a sample paint color that I liked, bought a can, and WHAM! 3 coats later, table is finished :)

And then we replaced the table top, and once again, put the table in it's rightful new home.

Paired it with an old chair (also thrifted) for $5

The first step of completing the basement! Hallllllllelujiah!

I also was in the market for 2 more small, wooden, child size chairs to refurbish, to put with the set we already have down in the play area. Instead I lucked out and found 2 matching, perfect condition chairs with the seat the same height as the current ones, for $3 each!

So while there is no project there, WHAT A DEAL. Coloring table can now seat 4 beebs!
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  1. Love the crafting table! And I have to add that we have that same coloring table but in adult size for our dining room. :-) I like it little better.