Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TV Tuesday!!!

Hi, I'm V, and I'm a TV junkie. Seriously. I got giddy excited when I realized fall TV was starting up again!  Living back at my mother's house has it's perks. She has ALL the movie channels. Which meant one thing to me: DEXTER. 
 Stop reading here if you don't want spoilers.

I caught the first 3 seasons of Dexter on a whim on Netflix streaming. I'd heard good things about it, but I sometimes have trouble getting into more serious shows. HOLY. CRAP. Amazing. I started watching in real time for season 4, and I was hooked.

Season 7 opened with a bang! I'm fairly certain I squeeeeeeed at the tv a few times. I wasn't sure how they would top season 6, which in my mind, was completely epic, with the revelations murders. (Colin Hanks played an AMAZING bad guy to my surprise!) Deb walked in on Dexter MURDERING someone! Like, watched him do it. And didn't turn him in. Now they are in the process of working on curing him of these urges. But what I need to know, is wtf is up with Louis? Why does he have it out for Dexter, and why is he not terrified of him after their confrontation? I'm so impatient waiting to find this out.

Are you watching this show? If not I suggest you do it now!

Also, 90210 started again yesterday (awesome trashy wonderful show that it is), Bones has been going for a few weeks, AND the Vampire Diaries starts again on Thursday! I unofficially renamed the Vampire Diaries to the "Hot Man" show. 
Come to mama.

Oh, and America's Next Top Model is on again, with a whole new cast of judges. Yet all I can think, is how I still hate Tyra Banks so much. I really wish I didn't like this show. 
This cycle is the "college" cycle, and it does not disappoint on the total whackjob basketcase front. 
Starting with this one: 

First off, this is a gross location for a photoshoot, and I cannot come up with one good reason it should have existed in the first place. This girl is INSANELY attached to her mother though. She like pants and cries and wails when she talks to her on the phone.  It's unhealthy. And quite frankly, a little scary. 

What shows do you watch? Recommend me some more!

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